Gozaburo Kaiba is the former CEO of the Kaiba Corporation and the

Your song parody has not fallen upon deaf ears.

adoptive father of Seto and Mokuba. Despite his position and well-mannered behavior, he acts immature for his age and is prone to fits of rage, including one which cost the ear of one of his employees. He makes his debut in episode 48 where he visits the orphanage Seto and Mokuba lived as kids in order built Kaiba Land over it. He is later challenged by Seto into a game of chess upon threatening to call him a chicken. Gozaburo ends up losing the match, to which he calls the game stupid.

Now having Seto and Mokuba as his new step-sons, he makes every attempt at turning Seto as cold-hearted as himself, mostly to make him the new vessel for Noah's virtual form. He also rejects Seto's initial designs for the duel disk system in favor of making weapons of mass destruction. He would lose his company to Seto after Hobson gives his share to him. He also seems to have forgot that Noah is his biological son, immediatley dismissing him as a new man servant he ordered when they are seen with eachover. This is further shown in Episode 56, where he not only continues to dismiss Noah as his biological son, but seems to consider Seto his biological son, though strangely, he yells at Noah previously in the same episode for not sending him a Father's Day card for the past seven years.

He is voiced by Antfish, creator of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Abridged.