Hank Ishtar is the father of Marik and Ishizu. He has an Eastern European accent and, according to his wife, is a giant douche. However, he considers himself "the finest human being in the world". He refers to Marik as Billy, even though he is the one who named him. 

Hank is also obsessed with his old pet snake Cornelius. Odion had killed the snake while trying to protect Marik in episode 42. Hank claimed that Cornelius just wanted to play basketball with them. He never let Odion forgot that he killed his snake and ended up buying another one for Marik as a Christmas gift

He was also bitten by Cornelius several times, however the poisonous bites eventually lost their potency as Hank built up an immunity, which he himself theorizes might explain his bizarre behavior. This could also explain why he chose to name his son "Marik Sebastian Ishtar the Third" even though his name is Hank.

Similar to his canon counterpart, Hank despises Odion, always telling his wife to remind him hates him. However, unlike his canon counterpart, he does seem to be a bit more loving towards his family, but still retains his cruel side.

He also apparently fixes all his problems in life by "whipping everybody within a five-hundred yard radius".

Hank was killed by Melvin after whipping Odion, who had covered for Marik and Ishizu when they snuck out. He sings about being stabbed in his lungs as Melvin did just that.

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