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Marik's Evil Council 107:18

Marik's Evil Council 1


The Council Itself Edit

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Bakura's Dream onlyEdit

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  • Yugi's YouTube profile, CardGamesFTW, is an actual profile on YouTube that LittleKuriboh created. In addition, he also created profiles for all the villains in the Evil Council, who posted a humorous series of spam comments on Yugi's profile at around the same time the video was posted. Profiles for Dartz and his henchmen were also created, and posted a series of comments on Marik's profile as they said they would. Only Yugi and Marik's profiles have posts from other characters, and only Yugi's and Marik's have any actual video on it. The other characters just have still images of themselves. The list of profiles and their owners is as follows:

All these profiles, and the spam posts by the villains, were made on August 30th, which can be inferred to be the date the script for the video was finished. Also, each one of these profiles has only one video. These videos show the picture of the villain who owns the profile for about 5 seconds.

  • The term "Council of Doom" was derived from the Council of Doom in Space Ghost, consisting of Zorak, Moltar, Brak, Spider-Woman, Metallus, and Creature King.
  • Yugi's profile would later see new episodes until it eventually became LittleKuriboh's new account, though he also updates on the main Abridged website. He has now adopted ObeyMyRod as a third YouTube account.
  • When Bakura mentions his interest of knives, it is a reference that Bakura used a knife to cut himself in the original.
  • It is interesting to note that Yami Bakura is the sanest most sensible and rational member of the council, seemingly being the only one to see the incompetence and ridiculousness of Marik's schemes doomed to utterly fail. And aside from Marik being the leader, Bakura is the most prominent voice in the Council.
  • Evil Council 4 takes place in a dream Bakura has where Melvin shows up instead of Marik and where everything Bakura desires is finally achieved especially killing Yugi. He is rewarded with becoming Melvin's new boy friend, having Zorc and Pals renewed, being voted 'Villain of the Year', and having Florence being considered manliest name ever. Shortly before waking from his dream to face another one of Marik's fools errand evil schemes.
  • Anubis was originally meant to be an member, the idea was suggested by Kirbopher.

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