Rafael has appeared in Marik's Evil Council of Doom and Marik's Evil Council of Doom #2, in which he was deemed "a dork" to attend the meeting. The only thing he ever said was "ZUG ZUG!", a phrase used by Orc grunts in Blizzard's Warcraft series. Once again he says that phrase just after Dartz curses his henchmen, as Rafael was also riding his motorbike. Rafael reveals to Yami that he forgot how to speak English and spoke only "ZUG ZUG!" for a while.

In the third Evil Council episode onward, Rafael talks normally, to which Dartz mentions that he preferred Rafael's "ZOOG ZOOG" because no one understood what he was saying and he wasn't such a b*tch. In those episodes, it is also implied that Rafael is the most rational out of Dartz's henchmen, pointing out that they (the Evil Council) couldn't be compared to the Beatles because they had four members, while the Evil Council had five; however, Dartz ignores that fact. He is also aware of the various idiotic flaws the other council members have and makes sarcastic remarks about them.

Rafael and his partners made a return in Season 4, when they broke into Kame Game and stole Yugi's Egyptian God cards. Here, Rafael assumed the role of leader among the three henchmen. He made Alister agree that he would do all the monologuing, but got annoyed when Alister said his own line. All three of them watched Yami Yugi's Duel against Gurimo. When Yami won, Rafael told Yugi to challenge them for the God cards when he was ready. Though Yami insisted he was ready to do that, Rafael was annoyed by this, and "walked away awkwardly" with his partners.

By episode 71 it has been revealed that he is actually the ONLY person who knows how to play Duel Monsters

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