Valon has thus far appeared in Marik's Evil Council of Doom and Marik's Evil Council of Doom #2, in which he was deemed "a dork" to attend the meeting. He speaks entirely in complete non-sequiturs composed of stereotypical Australian slang in the first episode of the meeting. In the second he is only seen riding his motorbike with Alister and Rafael. In the 3rd Council of Doom, he speaks more normally, though still with his accent. He is known to hate Mai Valentine and unlike Alister, he is known to have a very large penis.

Valon reappeared in A New Evil Awises, alongside his partners. There, he spouted random Australian phrases whenever Rafael or Alister finished speaking. He also took notice of Joey Wheeler's Brookyln accent sounding similar to his own Australian accent.

Valon enjoys pointing out that he is from Australia, even though Rafael believes that he should have been British, bringing up the fact that Valon in the original Japanese version was intended to sound British, but was misinterpreted by 4Kids to have an Australian accent.

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